UBUNTU tribe

There are an estimated 300,000 child soldiers worldwide. These children are one of the most marginalized groups and their story is usually left unspoken.

 These are the children of conflict.

These are the children of war.

This is their story:

Child Soldiers are usually abducted or forcibly recruited, others are driven to join by poverty, abuse and discrimination, or to seek revenge for violence enacted against them or their families. In some situations, the involvement of children in conflicts as soldiers may even be accepted or encouraged. Children may ‘voluntarily’ take part in warfare, not realizing the dangers and abuses they will be subjected to. Most likely these children are responding to economic, cultural, social and political pressures. For more information on related to child soldier, please see  causes and child and recruiter sections.

An estimated 40% of child soldiers are girls and they continue to require further attention. The potential risk of sexual violence, abuse and exploitation of children and women increase during armed conflicts, and specific measures must be taken to ensure their security and to strengthen their decision-making abilities. Still, in many instances, programs to demobilize and reintegrate child soldiers fail to identify appropriate strategies for gaining access to these girls and young women. Ways must also be found to address the needs of girls abducted during war to serve as sexual slaves and who may have no alternative to remaining under the custody of their abductors. A large percentage of Girl Soldiers come from Africa, particularly the DRC.

So where do they stand, how does this happen?

Why are these boys and girls made to become silent killers?

How did they become soldiers?

Today’s militias thrive off of child soldiers. These children carry their war.

This website will explore three of the most affected countries that currently use Child Soldiers:


Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) &

Myanmar (Burma)


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