For Policy Makers

Education & Employment

1. Increase educational and employment opportunities for youth in the armed conflict regions.

2.  Provide technical trainings for youth and communities on how to protect themselves from the recruitment.

3. Provide training and workshops for youth on the consequences of being a child soldier.

Policy & Children’s Rights

1. Strengthen the mechanisms to secure children’s rights.

2. Strengthen the policies and mechanisms to prosecute the recruiters.


1. Provide security and protection for vulnerable communities, including small populated villages, refugee camps, and schools – places that are most commonly exploited for child recruitment.

Informational Propaganda

1.  Increase informational propaganda  within the community on how to prevent the recruitment of  children in armed force.

2. Spread the information regarding successful prosecution and punishment  of the recruiters through TV, radio, posters, and other relevant sources of information throughout the local, national and international communities.

3. Spread the information about demobilization programs and disarmament and reintegration, particularly through local and national levels .

See also For Individuals



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