The impacts of participating in a war for child soldiers can last a life time and be wide spread into various aspects of their personal life and social development. Specifically, both physical and psychological health are reported not only when children are forced into armed forces but also after being demobilized.

Once demobilized, these children can face disabilities which are inevitable difficulties and inconveniences in returning to society. For example, many children who have experienced violence such as killing others or being raped may be discriminated by society (Tami, 2010), which adds a feeling of depression for them to adapt into their new life. Since most child soldiers leave schools at an early age, joining in the army without receiving continuous and systematic education, they are unable to catch up with their educated peers. Therefore, it is tough for former child soldiers to reintegrate into schools.

We explore the impacts of recruitment for child soldiers in armed groups in four aspects, trying to ring the alarm bells and encourage governments as well as private groups to take action in order to prevent these children from guns.

See Physical Impacts

See Psychological Impacts

See Educational Impacts

See Impact on Society


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